ASISPA's Telecare is a service created to provide support and assistance at homes. It is directed at people who, because they live or spend the majority of the day alone, may need specialized personal assistance at any moment. This service guarantees the most adequate and professional responses currently offered in the sector.

Service Features

  • Immediate 24-hour assistance, 365 days a year.
  • Communication with the Assistance Center, with professionals who offer continuous support and who will mobilize the resources needed until the situation is resolved.
  • Dispatch of a Mobile Unit to attend personally.
  • Communication with family members in the case of an emergency.
  • Telephone service for guidance and advice: medical, legal, psychological, economic.
  • Personalized monitoring until the complete resolution of the situation. If the user wishes so, we safeguard a copy of their home keys, guaranteeing our staff's access to the residence in the case of an emergency.
  • Personal agenda for taking medication, medical appointments, or any other activity.
  • Companionship calls as frequent as the user indicates.
  • Support calls and periodical monitoring.
  • Geographical localization outside of homes with Telecare Mobile Service GPS technology.
  • If desired, we facilitate direct access to other ASISPA services (Home Assistance, Day Care Centers, Meals, Residencies, etc...).
  • Assistance for all of the individuals who also live at the residence.

It's very easy to use

At your home, we install equipment which is connected to a telephone line. By simply pressing a button shaped like a necklace or bracelet, the equipment automatically communicates with our Attention Center. “Hands free” communication is then established with qualified professionals, from any part of the home and without the need to approach the equipment.

The button is light and waterproof, which allows the user to take showers or baths with it on.

Automated devices which detect potentially dangerous situations can be connected to our Telecare equipment:

  1. Smoke detectors.
  2. Gas detectors.
  3. Lack of movement detector.
  4. Fall detector.

Installation and maintenance is free of charge.

Working Areas

Working areas in which public services are provided in collaboration with the Administration:

  • Districts of Madrid: Arganzuela, Carabanchel, Centro, Barajas, Fuencarral, Chamartín, and Tetuán.
  • Municipalities in the Community of Madrid: Colmenar Viejo, Alcobendas, San Sebastian de los Reyes, Alcalá de Henares and Torrejon.

Working areas in which private services are provided:

  • All districts within the city of Madrid.
  • Municipalities within the Community of Madrid (Consult the coverage of our Mobile Unit).
  • Municipalities in Catalonia in UTE-Agrupació Mutua: Lleida, Tarragona, and Reus.

Contact Information

Don't hesitate to call us, we would be glad to attend you.

Telephone: 902 095 902 / 91 326 51 07

FAX: 91 403 30 86

Calle Martínez Villergas, 6 – 28027 Madrid.